Saturday, July 13, 2002

Mood Today: oK But jUSt MeGAn...
Good evening everyone..omg..i havent written in this thing for like..forever!..hehe..omg..first of all, i've been talking to Camille Brown's cousin.. he's like the greatest guy i've met in my kno who you are..**;o)**..he's like rICh, sWeET, HAS ABS!*or at least that's what he told me hehe ;o)*, cuTe aS Hell, and liKEs mE A loT!!..but the thing is...he lives ALL that way in San Diemas!!..that's like so far..but good thing his mom lives out here in La Palma!..he said something like moving w/ his mom but he doesnt kno anything yet...dENg..i wish he does so i can see him all the time..hehehe..but these kinda things..i guess you juss have to be patient w/ or even deal is yer summer?!..i made a new's hAlfNHALfpnAy so add me to yer buddylist!NOW! haha jk..YAY!! i'm going to the beach on Wednesday w/ my cousin Roxanne!! i hope i get darker..hehehe..but who am i kidding..i wont get dark..hehehe..ok..let's talk about what i did i woke up and woke up Jeff (AKA JJ)..hehehe..then like 3 seconds mom and J.R. **her new BEAU** picked me and my sisters up..we chilled at my moms house for like an hour and then we got chicken and went to J.R.s house...he stayed there for a lil bit and then my mom, sisters, and I went home again..YAY MY MOMS ROOMMATE MOVED OUT!!..her names maryanne..she smoked and was like mean to her daughter and didnt pay the rent..she was like not cool..and top it all off.. SHE STAYED IN MY ROOM FOR like..5 MONTHS!!..i had to friggin sleep on the couch!..**sigh**..but anyways..she's that means i have to clean my room and like clean the mess she left behind..i did that..then i swept all the leaves outside..then..i TRIED to tan out by the pool..**i was talking to Jeff too**..i got hot so i went around 5 o sisters and i went to my grandparents house..i was surprised to see our good family friend John Miley..he's over here from UTAH and i guess is visiting everyone he missed...i watched my cousins swim and juss sat there..hahaha..then i went upstairs to go online because i got bored.i chatted for a long time..for dinner i ate pizza..omg..** I HATE PIZZA!*..but i was hungry and was willing to eat anything..then i went upstairs again to go online..then..about a few hours cousins ask me if i wanna go to Dairy Queen®..i didnt wanna stay home alone so i went..i got my ice cream and as we were about to leave..i see none other than Ms Skiles!! third grade teacher! hehe..we talked about how each other were and like juss said a few "hi"s but yah **it was great seeing her..i havent seen her in a while**..then i came back..and i thought.."i havent written in my blogger in a long time..i guess i'll write in it now that i have the time" im writing..well,..i miss everyone! and if you ever wanna chill call my cell or my house cell: 562.882.5563 dad: 562.623.0919 mom: 714.484.5836..hehe..omg..i wrote A LOT today..well,..just hope i write sooner and smaller hehehe..see ya around!! i lOVe yOU baBe! hehehe..

Sunday, July 07, 2002

Mood Today:...i GuesS i'M alRiTe..
Good could of been day today... i woke up..went to the gym..went home..and went to abes party...ok..i'm sorrie abe..but i didn't have a good time..i'm sorrie..omg..i luv ya and all..but i didnt like feel too good..=(.but yah it was cool hanging out with RJ, Sarah, and everyone else...but that's cousins have been here this past's been's cool because i dont get to see them a lot...actually i've only seen them twice..but thats ok too..uumm...i think they are leaving tomorrow..but yah..they are moving over to california from vegas..but yah.IM GOING TO THE BEACH TOMORROW!!!..yay! time to get DARKER!!..yay!!hahaha...the summer has been getting up so far...nothing much has been like goin down..i'm juss home all the time...but that's my finger hurt a still hurts..hahaha..deng..i'm sad...i mean like i'm stupid sad..oh well,..that's ok..should i get my hair cut??...i dont kno...should i keep all my hair i have been growing for a few years..or juss chop it all of..??..oh well,...UuMm..i guess there's not much to say..=P stay sweet and until next time!! :O)
( Y )
(* .. ) oOGOoD NIgHt!!Oo
(")(") oOi lOVe You!!Oo

Friday, June 28, 2002

Mood today: BoRED...REALLY BoreD!!
I found out a few days ago that someone likes someone and someone is sad because someone doesnt want that someone to like that other someone.. it's confusing...but it's about somone really dear to me..but i guess he doesnt realize it..oh well,..that's ok..Summer is friggin boring this year...ever since the whole fiasco w/ everyone and's been REALLY REALLY REALLY bad..oh well,.. i only have 81 days left!! GGRrHh...oh well,..nothing much to say but..i miss everyone...and i hope that they are having a better summer than i am... GoOd 81 DaYs MoRe LeFt Of SuMmEr!! =P James....DonT be Sad!!.. I <3 ya...dont be kno how much i hate it.. i'd do anything to help you...but i dont kno what to do...and "Be QuIEt"..hehehe..hope yer happy..w/ that special someone someday...

Friday, June 21, 2002

Mood Today: BOred..kindA NOt ReAllY
Good Evening! today was alright...i didnt do much today... all i did was go to the mall.. get some boba...and chill at my cuzins house...which is always fun... Oh Yah!.. i got PS2 a few weeks ago.. my dad thought that i'd keep me company though the's been helping a kno..since i dont get to go out that much...but yah...summer has been okai so far..good night and have a safe tomorrow! =P I MISS EVERYONE!! i love you sarah!! hehehe...

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Mood Today: BoreD...BoreD...BoreD...
I know i havent written in this thing for a while...yay!'s summertime!!..but then again i'm sad...there was this one thing that happened in my life...all my friends are mad at me.. it was a simple mistake...let me tell this the way that really happened...yes people will say other things..but this is coming from me..and thats the best way to go...okai..this is what happened...on June 13th it was the last day of well as the eighth grade was all good i went to the promotion to sing and had a great time..or choir got back at 12:30 or so...people say that i ditched them..but i really didnt..when i got one was there..i didnt know where ANYONE was!! that was then i called for someone to come get me..i had no way to communicate with my girls and i called Allen..he was the only one with a cell phone...that i knew the number to!...i'm deeply sorrie to everyone i hurt..i didnt try to do anything intentionally...and i dont think i'm any better than anyone else..please dont think that...but to conclude my story...everyone is mad at me because i juss spent time with people who care about me...or care about me enough to not get mad or talk trash on me if i dont spend ONE DAY with them...i think that's a true friend/ this summer will be the worst!...if your one of these people who think i ditched them..please..PLEASE..juss talk to me about it..i know you hate me now..juss talk to me..i dont want it to be this way..til next time...

Saturday, June 08, 2002

Mood Today: BorED aS Hell!
hey was REALLY REALLY REALLY boring..i mean like boring to the EXTREME!!..hahaha.. i spent (so far) 10 and a half hours online... daymn huh?...oh well,....that juss shows what i do on my Saturdays... Last night was soo bad...i was crying a lot and i mean i dont kno why... maybe because someone said something to me that made me think about me and my place in this world... *you kno who you are*... and hurt a lot and i mean it wasnt like "sissy" hurting..but i mean it hurt like hell... i wanted to like do something to myself at that point...but oh well, this time in life...i've grown to juss let it pass by and not let it affect me... juss hope i'll be strong enough to stay this way for long... and i mean if your one of those people who have been causing me pain all these years or even juss this past year...i want you to know that even though you dont do it a lot... a lot of people give me shit....and i mean eventually it adds up and it REALLY hurts... oh well,... i want SUMMER NOW!... i love school no doubt...but hey! it's Summer!!..yay!! anyways...i think i should leave it at this...Good Night!! Good Morning!! and until Next Time...!! *MwAhZ!!* Mahal Kita!

Friday, June 07, 2002

Mood Today: i feel like... MEGAN!! =P
Hey everyone!!...yesterday was GREAT!! **wink**wink** was aight..nothing special today...i'm soooo happy for you Abe!!...i'm so glad that you and ^^ahEm^^ are getting there...(i dont wanna make you sad...if it will)...anyways..haha..arent i so boring?...That's Megan For Ya!!...GO LAKERS!! GO LAKERS!! omg...THE NETS SUCK!!!...we are like gonna freakin sweep!! hehehe... i got a new cell number..juss in case you dont kno's (562)882-5563... my freakin SIM card is had to friggin break!!.hahaha..oh well,...yah...OMG!!! RAMSEY WAS TALKING TO THE WRONG GUY!!!! oh well!!'s all good Ramsey, dont worrie about it..yay!!..tonights my cuzins b-day...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DIANE!!!... oh well,....Gotta Eat!! you kno filipino parties are!!.. = ) Good night!!... 6 MORE DAYS TIL SUMMER!!! YAY!!! I <3 you ALL!! **MWAHZ!!**